For many a generation, the Prince Edward Island Oyster has been nurtured and harvested by the hands of our caretakers. These fine ladies and gents lay their loving hands on every single Oyster harvested from the nooks and crannies of our Island bays. Whether hand-tonged wild Oysters or cultured, these professionals can lay claim to choosing the one Oyster that may endorse your membership into the Prince Edward Island Oyster Society. With over 55% of all Oysters eaten in North America harvested from our Island, you can be sure this world-class shellfish will be well worth the shuck.

When you commit to The Oath and taste the salty kiss of the coast, remember the hands that delivered it to you. Read on to discover the tale from whence your oyster came.

Leslie Hardy and Sons
Located in East Bideford P.E.I. , Leslie Hardy and his sons take pride in the quality and delicious taste of the seafood that the fresh clean waters of P.E.I. have to offer. Their motto is: For the Love of Oysters, and they love farming oysters!
Ellerslie, R.R. 2, P.E.I.
Telephone: 902-831-2577
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